When I moved to San Francisco, I spent a few months searching for the perfect hair stylist. And I finally found her! Christy is the most talented, professional stylist I have ever met. She truly has a gift for color and for shape. All of my haircuts from her have been stunning, and she brings my hair to exactly the hue and style I was hoping for, every single time! She’s receptive, attentive, and best of all, she’s such a lovely, genuinely kind person that I look forward to seeing her every month. I highly recommend Christy’s services, talents, and company to anyone looking to bring their hair game to the next level! But you’ll still be in great hands with master stylist Steffon, so you can’t go wrong at Episode Salon. Steffon’s charm, professionalism, and award-winning techniques have won me over as well – not to mention his A+ scalp massages while getting my hair rinsed 🙂 Kelly S.

Kelly S. Brooklyn, NY